Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy 1st Anniversary!

I just crossed my first year of blogging 3 days ago.

Looking back, I do not think my baking has improved a great deal. Perhaps I am never the type who is up for challenging stuff (read: macaron). Or I never want to spend time on what-I-think-is-superficial decoration which will eventually end up as a mess in some tummy anyway. Yep, I am quite a utilitarian in that sense. C'mon, after a hard day work, all I want is to unwind through leisure bake with the intend to give my family a healthier choice. I do not want another nerve breaking session like my day job.

Another thing, I noticed my post have been dwindled to 2 a week... and it's a matter of time before it down to a weekly affair. One main reason being WORK... those who know me knew that I have moved into a new role. It is a understatement to say I overworked... I literally being consumed by my job. Oh man, now I wonder if I had a raw deal :-)

Not to say that my previous job is easy... I get many excitements and heart-attacks from my work but at the end of the day when I step out of office, be it 5pm or 9pm, I know I have the rest of the evening to myself. Now, with a boss based in London... I won't be surprised if my phone goes ringing now!

To be honest, I started this blog as a platform so that I can share what I know, and learn what I don't from other bloggers. It is taking up my time, but gives me equal amount of satisfaction. But given the type of pressure, I wonder how long I can keep blogging...

Sorry for the not-so-happy anniversary post.


Art of Eating said...

Happy 1st Anniversary !

Hi Pal,
Blog at your leisure is another way to break away from all the work and stress.

\(*o*)/ Well baking is for self satisfication & making yourself happy especially when the thoughts of doing it for your family.

Cheer up ! Just Bake and be Happy.

Claire said...

Happy Anniversary! Do pleaes keep blogging (even though you might only post a few things a month)...I really enjoy your blog!

Cookie said...

Art of Eating & Claire,

Thanks for your encouragement! Really. It means alot.

Perhaps you guys (ummm, gals) are right, I should just bake and blog at leisure.

In the last few months, I will wake up and go "oh, only 14 posts, 6 more to go!"... silly right? =p

With thoughts,