Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oatmeal Cornflakes Cookie

I am away for business whole of the week... naturally no baking for me BUT this is an opportunity for me to catch up on the posting. I have several bakes which I have been sitting in my folders for weeks!

Like this one – Oatmeal Cornflakes Cookie.

It’s the same yummy Oatmeal Cookie with some lightly crushed cornflakes.
I used the SCS butter which was said to be good by many bakers. And since it’s salted, it’s simple common sense to skip the salt in the recipe but I was dumb enough to add the salt again. The dumber thing is – I didn't realise the mistake I made... until it came out of the oven and I took a bite, and wonder why so salty!!!

Stop grining... C’mon tell me that you have your boo-boo baking moments, don’t you?


Art of Eating said...

It happen to me too, to engross following closely to the instruction.

Nice bake, same cookie different look

Cookie said...

thankie thankie, YY.