Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Mini Clearance 3: Mandarin Orange Pudding

This pudding clears out the last bits of the mandarin orange juice in my freezer. Yes, these are the leftovers oranges from CNY. I juiced them before it’s days were up, then freeze it in cubes.

Art of Eating first found the recipe on here. I had to thank her for always so encouraging, and willingness in sharing some great recipes.

Mandarin Orange Pudding

300g milk
100g sugar (i used 80g)
2 ¼ tsp agar-agar powder ( I used konyaku powder)

300g mandarin orange juice
20g custard powder
2 egg yolk
1tsp orange zest (grated)

1tbsp butter
few drops of orange food colouring ( I omit this)

1. Boil (A) until agar agar powder dissolved.
2. Mix (B) together until well combined.
3. Pour mixture (A) into mixture (B) and stir until well combined.
4. Stir Step no.3 over low fire until mixture thicken.
5. Remove from fire and stir in butter and colouring.
6. Pour into mould and leave to cool.
7. Chill in the fridge, unmould and serve.


At first I was sceptical how the jelly going to be like... I never come across a combination of jelly + egg yolk + butter. Anyway I didn’t change anything in the recipe except reducing the sweet factor a wee bit.

Somehow I find the taste a bit strange which I am not able to put a finger on. Maybe the thought of having egg yolk or butter in my jelly.

Taste-wise, it’s very much like Mango pudding less the aroma of mango. Lucky for me, my colleagues who’d tried it said it’s good and they were all finished up in short time. This is another clear proof that I do not have very adventurous taste-bud!

I may try this recipe with mango one day... when the mangoes tree bears me some worthy fruits.


Art of Eating said...

Lovely ! I like your mould for the pudding.

I shall try this recipe, didn't thought about it earlier that i could make it into mango pudding.

Cookie said...

Thanks pal.

This is silicon mould which I bought from Pantry Magic at Holland Village.

The texture is very much the mango pudding which is why I think will work.

When you make the mango version, remember to send some over!