Monday, November 17, 2008

7 (Useless) Facts About Me

I always read their bloggers 7 facts with interest... it's fun prying into other's life but now my time has come... All thanks to Gina :-)

  1. I am more of a scientist than artist when it comes to baking. I always copy someone else's design. But no one ever tell me stop, cos it's such bad copy that they couldn't believe it comes from them :-)))

  2. Despite my blog named Happy Cup, I am never really happy. I am a born worrier, constantly worrying about what may or may not happen, and how I can pre-empt that!

  3. It is my wildest dream to have my own business, Just so that I can "mind my own business". But I could never garner enough courage to leave my day job. And my excuse is "the opportunity cost is too high!" Haha, lying to myself!

  4. I love handbags, I have amassed many IT-bag like Neverful, Suhali, Spy Bag, Multicolore Speedy but I only carry my HP backpack (comes with my notebook) and a Ferragoma Toiletery pouch (Free from SIA) to work.

  5. I would not hesitate to go for the botox jab when the first wrinkles appear but would not endure a facial!

  6. I shun sharkfins at wedding dinners but never resist feeding it to my son.

  7. If I had not gone on to earn my degree, I would have been a brisk operator at Times Printers. It was my first job after completing my 'O'Levels and had marvelled at the $1000+ salary for the strenuous 12-hour-a-day work. It was a large sum of money for me back then, you bet!

To play this forward, I am tagging my fellow blogger:

Art of Eating
Cupcake Loft
Jo's Deli
Little Corner of Mine

Here are the rules for tagging:

  1. Link to my blog (tagger) on your blog.

  2. Give seven facts about yourself.

  3. Tag another seven bloggers by leaving a comment on their blogs and letting them know they were tagged and listing them (and their blogs) on your blog.

I do hope you guys take this in good fun!

My latest splurge - another Voyager Bag.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Cookie,
Thanks for the tag, so you want to know the 7 facts about me huh? Will do it soon. :)

Cookie said...

Yes, it's always fun to know more about others "secret" life!


Cupcake Loft said...

hey nice info about you dear..!! nice try on the cheesecake...looks like it turn out great!!

Cupcake Loft said...

heeeyy nice little info about urself...btw ur cheesecake turn out really nice...

would have love to experiment on some of ur bread creations but im so busy now!! i'll wait till i finish my sem!

You should really make a tagboard!!

Cookie said...

Hi Natalie,

1. Thanks for sharing your cheesecake recipe. Without the fruits toppping is like woman without makeup. hahaha.

2. After baking more 10 types of choc cake, I am still longing for your choc devil cake... maybe we can batter trade :-))) I will make any bread that you pick from my list!

3. Thanks for being a sport. Now I know 7 things about you!