Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Holly Jolly Cupcake

I just read from Wilton's Forum about the cupcake paper liners on fire (well, almost).... If you are using these pretty liners, watch the oven closely.

This makes a good prelude for my new cupcake liner:

These 2 cupcake was made with the left over batter from last session. I played with the fondant and come up with the simple xmas design:

The leaves are simple to create with PME plunger cutter.

I do not know if it is a mistake to frost the cupcake. My fondant melt away in the frosting:

Gotta to go read up more on the fondant!


gina said...

Fondant cannot mix with watery stuff. however sometimes water or jam is used as glue for fondant to stick onto each other or to stick on the side of the cake. But all it needs is just a light brush of liquid. if the frosting you had is very wet, then best not to put fondant or it will melt.

Cookie said...

Hi Gina, so it is best to put the fondant on top of plain cake is it?

I am gonna bake my niece a birthday cake this friday. Hope I don't fumble like all my previous (failed) attempt! :-)))