Thursday, November 6, 2008

Another Chapter in my Life

I just had a long 2-hour session with my Dutch boss. 2 hours! Yes, it is a long 2-hour, and it is a big deal since our conversation rarely exceed 6 minutes,!!!

"How's the OTIF going to look like this month?" "...likely to be a few percent higher than last month, boss"

"Inventory is far too low, are you sure we are keeping enough?" "Boss, prices are falling, gonna cut back on the inventory."

That's the typical conversation we have... never more than 6 minutes on our monthly country reporting. The rest of the time, it's either he can't reach me, or I can't reach him! *haha*

So what's special that this respectable Dutch man would invest his 2-hour of his time on me? My job tenure is coming to an end come next Jan. And we were mulling over the options and opportunities. Not an easy task.

To me, this is big big bag of mixed feelings. Just Nov 4, I gave a heartening speech to the 200-staff plant, highlighting our achievements, sharing our success story. In no time, I am leaving the team with whom I have spent 7 years together setting up the operating processes, debottlenecking the hardware, strategising the portfolio, building competency etc. I am proud that today the Singapore Plant is the crown jewel in the entire global manufacturing network. To leave the place is like throwing away your favourite birthday present! Being a hoarder, it just mean harder for me to let go.

I know if many who are firm believer of greener pasture but I am stumbling with fear and uncertainty as I move into an uncharted territory.

But life goes on. I am going to take with me the years of experience and knowledge to build another sucess story. This I know for sure. :-)


Art of Eating said...

Never know if this could be a blessing in disgust. Stay positive and move on.

Cookie said...

Thanks Pal...Really glad to have a friend in the blogspace!