Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Go at the Le-Cafe-Cookie...

After my failed attempt at Le Cafe Crispy Coffee Cookie , I text my friend to tell him of the flopped cookies.. minutes later he replied "don't worry, you will get it right someday". That was a great encouragement for a novice baker like me.

After I raved enough about the chocolate cookie recipe that Freda sent to me, I thought why not use the same recipe to make rolled cookie instead... Afterall the choc cookie IS yummy!

I used the same choc cookie recipe, and roll it up like a sausage, then coat the outside with chopped almond before slicing it and bake.

I was lazy to toast the almond so I have to leave them on the outside for some toasting during baking... The right way is to toast them at 180C for 5min first, then add the almond together with the flour.

This is not exactly the coffee cookie, cos the cocoa powder is very strong. Moreover I add choc chips to. I will surely make the coffee flavour next time round - will replace cocoa powder with fine coffee powder.

All packed up and ready to deliver to my dear pal!

Post Notes:
Something perplexing. Few days after the baking, I opened up the container to "steal" 1 pc to satisfy my urge. Then I realised that the cookie didn't taste as good as it was. It is still crispy but less aromatic. Also, there's something missing but I can't quite figure out what that is.

Maybe I need to keep this can of cookies with me... I will have another piece, another piece, another piece, another piece, ... until I figure out what's wrong :-)

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