Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Bundt Tin

I like variation. So the whole week baking the same recipe bores me. And since i can't run away from it, might as well make the most of it by using different equipment:

I just got this 2 days ago from Pantry Magic, cost $8.10 each. It is a mini bundt tin. I like the small size , and bright colour:

Unfortunately, i think the mold looks better than the cake!


gina said...

hello dear, how wide in diameter is this bundt pan? by the way, do you know that coloured silicone pans will not brown the cakes ? or technically, it won't form a crispy brown look. If the recipe you use had butter or oil in it, the cake will look better when it pops out.

Cookie said...

Hi Gina,

The bundt pan is 10~12 cm in diameter.

I didn't know about the browning part. I am learning something new from you each time.

I like them cos there's no need to grease, and easy to pop the cake out. Also the bright colour brightens up the kitchen!

I used it to bake the same sponge cake (with little oil), I find it looks very much the same as thoise baked in aluminium pan, cos those need paper lining, which ends up no crispy sides too :-)


Cookie said...

Hey Gina, sorry to sound like a fool... I've figured out what's tagging. okie, i will post the 7 facts soon!


gina said...

10 to 12 cm for $8.10 is very expensive! I am also selling these. But only for $5.90. Comes in Red, Yellow colours too. If you want silicone ware, next time check my site first. If don't have, then go and get from elsewhere. Mine is Japanese brand : AO Mori. FDA Tested. I use it to make mini chiffon cakes. :)

Cookie said...

I was at Holland V that day to buy butter from Shermay. The french butter going for $3+/block. CHEAP! Then I went Pantry Magic to jalan jalan.

The things there (P. Magic) are not cheap, but I enjoy touching and feeling the things... you can say it is impulsive buy!

Ya, I have been still thinking of going to Chef Secret someday to pick up some good buys! Thanks for sharing the info.