Monday, November 3, 2008

Chocolates that we LOVE...

These chocolate from Royce are so good that I can't stop raving about it!

My taste test for the 3 types :

White Chocolate: very creamy, not overly sweet. They have dusted the choc generously with cheese powder! You can't miss this if you love milk and cheese.

My colleague who regularly buys Godiva White Choc says this is as good as Godiva, but without the hefty price tag!

Bitter Chocolate: Certainly for the adults cos it is bitter as it should. Suits me cos I get toothache for sweet things.

Champagne: Oscar Wilde said "only those who lack imagination cannot find a good reason for drinking champagne". I do not need one here. Well, for the price that you are paying, just don't expect to have Dom Perignon!

Gone in 60 seconds!

The other one is from Hokkaiddo - Corn Chocolate. Maybe because it is so difficult to come by, maybe it's the special milk taste. It is so good that I have to ask J to hide it somewhere to stop e from eating!


chumpman said...

Wow, wow, wow, I'm a big fan of chocolate too, cookie ! My dearest uncle bought me Lindt since I was a kid. I still remembered the taste of Lindt cognac choco he bought me when I was 10. Liquor filled chocolate is my favor.

I like corn choco of Hokkaiddo as well. My friend bought me choco from Japan last month. Guess what ? It was black sesame flavor, so so good !

Cookie said...

Chumpman, liquor-filled choco was your favour at 10? Hey pal, you are decades ahead of my here!!! =p

You mean black sesame choc from Hokkaido? Ooh agh, I need to check who is travelling to Japan soon... it's all your wicked information! TSK!