Tuesday, December 23, 2008

5 Little Pigs

This little pig went to the market.
This little pig stayed home.

This little pig had roast beef.
This little pig had none.
This little pig cried "Wee, wee, wee, wee!"All the way home.

I believe most parents have sang this familiar nursery to their little ones. I loved to see mine curled and giggled when I tickled him as I go"wee wee wee all the way home".

The last we had a little-pig moment was more than a year ago.

Now's now a big boy who wants only Ben 10 and Power Ranger. Oh yes, he also asked if I could me made him the cute piggies, a craft made by the older kids in his childcare centre:

His ever doting mum burns the restful hours in the evening to make him these little pigs:

I couldn't decide if I like the smile...

Less is more.... so I leave out the smile:

As I was rolling the fondant, I suddenly thought of a colleague KW who has 2 lovely daughters. We hardly meet each other now as he is now seconded to Ministry of Trade. I thought this would be a simple gift for him and his girls.
Just too bad when I text him, he responded:

> I am in Dubai. Only going back to SG on Thursday morning.

> Orhhh.

One man's lost is another man's gain. Since I already packed this to office, I let the ladies share among themselves!

How to Do:
3 round Cookie Cutter of various sizes
Piping Gel (to stick the fondant
pink colouring
Food Marker

  1. Just cut out 3 circles with the cookie cutter and put the smaller one over the bigger one.
  2. Use the skewer to make 2 nostrils on the snout.
  3. Cut out the 2 ears and stick it on with some piping gel.
  4. Roll a tiny piece of fondant and curl it over a skewer to make tail. Stick it on with some piping gel.
  5. Mark the eyes with marker.


chumpman said...

I will sing 'Wow, wow, wow, I want pinky piggies too ! Envy and drool !

Art of Eating said...

My oh mine, i'm really impressed. What a inspiration. A big salute to such a loving mommy.

I like the piggy w/o smile, more natural looking.

Cookie said...

Hi Chumpman,
Thanks for visiting. Pls help yourself to one of those 5 piggies :-)

I always tell myself this is why the 'lil one tells everyone he wants to marry his mummy! Haha.

I think the not-so-natural smile is attributed to my horrendous drawing =p

It is not too difficult to make... only thing need to buy all the different cookie cutters. Try out soon!

Halimah said...

I think it looks nice without smile as well... cuter i think :D Nice work!

Cookie said...

Hi Halimah, thanks but my cakes are no where near yours!

I am working hard on that...

Happy 2009!