Thursday, December 11, 2008

Home Sweet Home

My 5th Aunt played the pi-pa during her JC days. To me, a young teenager then, she was like a 古典美人 (classic beauty) when she plays the instrument... Just like this:

Anyway that's not the point. The point is that she just completed rebuilding her 3-storey house, and the housewarming last weekend.

With the same enthusiasm from Gwen In's birthday cake, I went on to bake her a cake:

I had only about an hour to spare... so I chose all the simple things, including the frosting which can be applied when the cake is hot. All bakers know that it takes a longer time for a cake to cool down then the time to bake it. The only problem is that this frosting does not gives a smooth finishing but I won't complain given how little time I have.

I think I can now end my quest for an eggless chocolate cake. This is soft, fluffy yet hardy enough for the man-handling! No one knows it is eggless until I tell them, then they take 1 more bit and say "Can't tell leh." Of course lah, silly.

The cake is well received at the party.... and ya, this reminds me to email the recipe to all the relatives!


Anonymous said...

your skill 've improved! =) DK

Cookie said...

I think so... heehee, practice make perfect.

But I realise that decoration is really not my calling. I enjoyed dissecting the recipe, studying the composite and liquid/fat ratio more than fiddling with the sticky buttercream.

I decorate for the purpose of making my stuff more delectable to the recipient only :-)))


Art of Eating said...

Are you using the Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake recipe for this bake? The cake look yummy

Cookie said...

Hi, Not the mayo recipe but an eggless one. I can email to you if you are keen. Pls let me know your email address.