Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Best Cookies I Ever Baked

These cookie are heavenly! But don't bother to ask me for the recipe... I literally arm-twisted a colleague to give it to me. She in turn "steals" it from her family who owns the bakeries which sells these... Haha. I had to promise her never to leak it. Never ever in my life!

Needless to say, I was really excited as it is like doing something illicit that get my adrenalin going.

Over weekend I baked both... and followed the recipe to a T, something that's not usual of me!

The results, I must say that somethings in life are not equal! Here I have an excellent recipe, coupled with the best ingredients that I indulged, it was PERFECT! I brought it to office this morning and the guys who had it said it's like having afternoon tea at Hotel Intercon. My interpretation is that this is of 5-star hotel standard :-)))

This actually set me to wonder if the fault of those failed bakes lies with the recipe.... for my ego, c'mon, say yes!

All that I will reveal is that there's nothing unusual in the recipe. No strange ingredients. It is only the proportion, and the secret lies in the hardware.

Pal, in case you are reading this... tell me if I need to censor this part as well. I will take it down as long as you don't send me a legal letter =p


gina said...

well, to me, there is no secret recipes. just need to understand how ingredients work in relation to each other. Once you figure that out, you can create your own secret recipe too.

dk said...

Must 've taste good! Do I get some? =) haha

Cookie said...

You are right. Given time to fine-tune the recipe, anyone can get a perfect recipe.

This recipe gives me a headstart and free me up to play with other many beckoning recipes.

Besides, the thrill of doing some morally wrong is overwhelming!hahaha "it's right to be good, but fun to be bad"!

My honour to send you some but you are always busy!

Gotta to make time for that.