Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fondant, my playdoh!

Some one asked me about the fondant... I know many make their own fondant. But for convenient sake, I just buy the ready made ones. I am currently using the Wilton fondant which comes as part of the student pack for one of the Wilton class I attended. Taste yucks.

I read from KC and other forum that this Bakels Pettinice is better than Wilton.

If you "atas siket", then try Massa Ticino from Switzerland. This is what the true blue and top notch bakers use, so I was told.

If you have other fondant lobang, pls leave me a comment. I am sooo in love with fondant now... it is my playdoh!


gina said...

I use the best for family cakes. that's Satin Ice Fondant. super expensive for 1 kg. I paid $58.95. Only one place sells it. Check out the cake I did for my daughter..its made with it. :)

Carrie said...

Hi Happy CUp,

I've linked your blog to mine, hope you dn't mind.

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Cookie said...

Hi Gina,

$59 per kg is as good as eating gold, literally! Haha. I thought you would make your own fondant... How's the taste? I sure gonna check out the cake!

Hi Carrie,

I am glad to see new baker joining the world blogging! Welcome and I am sure there's a lot more we can learnt from each other!

I will also link you in mine :-)