Monday, December 15, 2008

Making the most of...

I recently get to know Skinnymum thru her blog.

Skinnymum was asked to give up her banking career to provide for her daughters 6 years ago and till now she is still trying to fit into the new lifestyle. By most social standard, Skinnymum is a tai-tai. Many (including me) would envy the leisure & pleasure she gets to enjoy, without having to worry about the office politics, endless housework or the world economic.

As I read her blog, an image comes alive in my head - Kym Ng in the movie "Gone Shopping". Kym played the rich tai-tai who turned to the shopping mall to past time and to run away from her troubles.

I dreamt how nice if I am in her shoe.... and a long list of to-do if I could live her life of leisure! Yes, I have a career in a respectable company, but I also have a 1001 list that I am sullenly discontented about. Then I gave myself a hard pitch. Get real. Stop looking at what you don't have and focus on what you get to enjoy.

In case you are wondering, I am not judging her or anyone for that matter. What rights do I have, by the way... ahemmm!

Like in the movie Madagascar, the old wise lady who was stranded in wild africa told the group, "You can let the nature get the most of you or you make the most of nature".

Skinnymum, the wise saying is for you and me. And whatever you choose for your life, I wish you happiness!


skinnymum said...

Haha! Guess the other side of the grass, is always greener....

Many people told me that I have their "dream lifestyle" but I would swap your fulfilling career anytime.

My mum told me to enjoy my so-called dream lifestyle. I am trying and it is getting better as the years go by.... hopefully I will be able to do so one day.

I will remember your ala madagascar wise saying, whenever I am bored....


Cookie said...

Sorry, I have terribly tardy in my respond...

thanks for visiting again, and YES, pls tell me how we can to do the great magical swop... minus the hollywood-way?

Be my guest... you take my "fulfilling career"!