Saturday, December 20, 2008

Green Tea Bread

After the not-s0-successful attempt at this bread, I calculated the liquid ratio of this recipe versus the tried-and-tasted ones which I found the ratio here is slightly higher. Just very slightly. With this suspicion, I try it out again with reduction of 10% liquid.

Instead of using raisin, I used the green tea powder which I bought awhile back. I added the pumpkin seeds toppings for the good fats and oil.

Results? As you can see, the bread was even coarser than the last one! See the large
air pockets! And I am sooo mad that I just wasted my precious matcha :-(

OK, I have overacted. To be fair, this bread is not is not garbage quality... it is soft enough for a spartanic breakfast. The problem is I expected a more refined bread like this or this.

My next step? Use a red marker and cross out this recipe in my thick folder. Bye bye!

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Cookie said...

Sorry AoE... my uncoordinated fingers "rejected" all comments when I meant to "publish"... And trying to "reconstitute" the comments now:
Art of Eating has left a new comment on your post "Green Tea Bread":

I could understand your feeling. At least you made another attempt to try again. You've done what you can. I don't have much courage to reattempt again if the result is not so good.



Thanks AoE, I find strength in yours and Gina's encouragement to keep me going in honing my baking skills!

Thanks pal!