Monday, December 29, 2008

Oven Thermometer

I picked this oven thermometer from Pantry Magic, the day when I was there to attend an ice cream demo.

I had read from the bakery books the inportance to have a calibrated oven so that we know we are baking our stuff at an appropriate temperature. Mine is the Brandt oven so I never doubt its ability to churn up the right amount heat. Given the mindset, this thermometer was more of a novelty to me then a necessity. It's time to affirm my trusty oven, I thought.

When I chucked it in my oven for play-play last week, I came to realised that the temperature of my oven was actually lower than it actually is. The knob says 180C but the reading on the little round face says 165C... surprise surprised.

How I managed to get away in the past is anyone's guess.

Apart from the lower actual temp of oven, I also get to the exact amount of time taken for the oven to reached the designated temperature. Now I no longer need to tikam-tikam when come to heat matter.

Cool agh!


Art of Eating said...

Have fun with your new toy

gina said...

how much is the oven thermometer? I had one for sale at Chef Secrets too. :)

Cookie said...

Yes, it fun... moving it around the thermometer and out my oven hot-spot! ha!

This is $17. Pls don't tell me I kena ko-tok... *pout*


gina said...

well, no. Mine sells at $18. But the wordings are bigger. I saw alot of thermometers selling here and the wordings are small. I find it harder to see if its in the oven.

dolphing said...

This Thermometer is useful to measure the temperature at oven if bake according to setting or not.^^

Cookie said...

The thermometer has a overhang on top which I can hang over my baking tray. Also, when the oven is on, there's light inside so I can see the reading with no sweat!

Hi Dolphing,
Yes, it thingy is really useful. This is something I believe worth owning!