Thursday, December 11, 2008

Raisin Bread

I have not been making bread recently due to the cold rainy December weather... what takes me 60min to proof now take twice or even thrice as long. I have no patience for the long wait =p

But tonight, I need an excuse to stay up late to play Kahuna Reef on Sheen's computer. Go make bread!

The recipe is from Pook . 5 hours later, the bread did come out of the oven nice and soft. The raisin is plump and juicy, thanks to the soaking in the warmed rum. But look at the crumbs... the large airy holes ain't what i am used to. Neither do Pook's bread resemble this.

I do not know what's wrong... I check up my bread bible and it says that could be due to

  • The dough that was too soft,

  • the temperature of the dough during mixing and rising being too high,

  • the rising time was too long, or the baking temperature was too low.

I suspect it is the proportion of the liquid. I will surely try to make it again cos Sheen loves the juicy sweet raisin!


gina said...

cookie, to proof bread faster, preheat the oven..then turn it off. then place a tray on top of the oven, then put the bread dough on will rise within an hour. that is how I handle cold weather bread dough proofing. Thanks for taking time to come for the buffet!

Cookie said...

Gina, that's a very useful tip. Waste energy though... the electricity bill for my small small family of 3 already costs $200~250, depending how frequent I bake.

Hubby says during bad time, the first to cut is baking in his cost cutting measure. tsk tsk.

I enjoyed the buffet spread... look forward to your April session. I will make something next time round if time permits.


gina said...

another way to proof bread in 'winter' or cold months in SG is to fill the lower pan/tray of an oven with boiling hot water. Do not switch on the oven. then put a rack on top of this hot tray. then the bread dough for proofing. This is a cheaper way. Actually I have many ways to do it. I just use whatever ways I find it faster, easier and less fuss.