Monday, December 22, 2008

In the run up to Xmas...

Xmas is round the corner... I finally get down to make something more christmassy.

Snowman is my favourite... but I need to learn make the figurine more expressive.
Sheen loves this too cos there are lots of fondant for him to chomp!

I ruined the letters. BTW if you know of any better alphabet cutters, pls let me know.

I tried to make the all white xmas by having the white holly leaves on white fondant. White-on-white, you get the idea... but in the end I think most will not like the too-plain look so I choose white and baby blue combo.

If you are looking for some decorating ideas or step by step guide, may I suggest Jo's blog . She has the prettiest cookie and cupcake!


Halimah said...

I've seen wilton alphabet cutters (I think on amazon though) and I think got Phoon huat brand as well in the Phoon Huat shops but not sure what size u are looking for.

Cookie said...

Hi Halimah, I like to get different sizes of alphabet cutter. I have bought the one from PH, its the round tin packing.

I will go and look up the Wilton cutter but I think I will not buy from Amazon cos I like to touch and feel the thing before buying! Haha, very old fashion!