Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Alex Goh's Eggless Fruit Flan

I baked Alex's Sponge Cake thrice, each time with my own modification. First time, it collapsed when cool. 2nd time I thought I got it right, till today when I baked the third time, it collapsed again. In short, the result is widely inconsistent. *sigh*

I do appreciate Art of Eating sharing her personal experience in falling cake... But until I can put a finger on what & where went wrong, I have taken down my version of the recipe. I am putting up the original recipe; I want to do my part to help reduce the egg consumption which will in turn reduces the suffering brought upon the poor egg hens.

I hope my experience does not deter you from trying it out an eggless recipe. I do believe it could be attributed to the temperature (as AoE mentioned), too long a beating time or whatever. I do not know now, but I am sure I will find out 1 day...

Maybe I can try to call Alex Goh to have a chat with him personally.

Eggless Fruit Flan
Recipe Source: Alex Goh "Baking Code"

200g Butter
120g Sugar (original 160g)
200g Milk
1 tsp vanilla essence
240g Plain Flour
  1. cream butter and sugar until light.

  2. add milk & vanilla essence gradually, whip until light and smooth.

  3. add flour + baking powder, mix until well blended.

  4. Bake in 20cm round mould in 180C oven for 50min.


PS (5/12) :

This fruit flan is for Gina...

ok I cheat... I took the pic from Alex Goh's book =p


gina said...

how come the fruit flan got no fruits ?

Cookie said...

haha, the fruits are here... specially for you!

gina said...

wahahaha..I will feed you very very well on Monday. Please starve yourself on Monday for breakfast and lunch. And be prepared to bring home something :)

Cookie said...

Thanks Gina, I was indeed well-fed last Monday. You are not named the SuperChef for nothing! It was a sumptious spread... would have been perfect if I have won some prizes! :-)