Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Finally a decent birthday cake...

When I asked my niece if she would like me to bake her a cake for her birthday, she said "You bake? No thanks."

I know I know... YeeYee has always made great tasting cakes for them, but never pretty cake. Fair.

This time round, I tell myself I gotta to do better.

Gwen-In had a small celebration on a workday evening, so I baked the cake the day ahead and brought the cake to office in the morning. A few colleagues said they wanted exactly the same cake for their birthday. I take that as a compliment. :-)

Anyway I supposed I did achieve what I have set out to do when everyone went "wow" as I showed up at the party! So much about satisfaction!!!

I use things that I have at home for the decoration:
  • I do not have the offset spatula, so I use the mixing spatula to spread the buttercream, then use the serrated knife to create the lines on the surface.
  • The red/pink/white mini heart sprinkles for the sides of the cake.

  • ready fondant for wordings.

  • Mini flowers are cookier-cutter from fondant and stick on the silver dragees.

I rolled out all the fondant beforehand and thought of leaving it out to dry out a bit first. An hour later I was surprised to see that it start to take on a sheen, just like my face on a hot afternoon! I quickly move them onto the cake. In the process I ruined some so had to re-do. *Tsk* Luckily only this small glitch.

After the cake was decorated and packed, I spend the rest of the time worrying that I may crash, bang or drop the cake. Aiyoh.


Art of Eating said...

Hi Cookie,

Your cake looks for lovely & sweet. Can't bear to eat it. What a mix feeling, pretty to look, too yummy to eat.

Cookie said...

The kids just cut and chomp! No lingering feelings like us ^_^


Halimah said...

Nicely done! I never thought of serrated knife before.. Very creative :D

When I have to deliver cakes, I always keep nagging my husband to drive slowly! Hahaha!