Thursday, December 4, 2008

Seeing Stars!

Last week I attended the Meet-the-Parents session at Sheen's childcare centre. The feedback from the teachers are, whilst he is strong is his verbal communications skills, his writing and mathematics are not up to the mark. The teachers requested that I MUST let Sheen do more writing at home every night!

WHAT??? ME teach him at home??? *faint*

Let me say upfront that I thoroughly enjoy spending my evening, after a long hard day at work, with Sheen to destress and relax. He will say the darnest and dearest thing that make all the tough bits at work seemed trivial and worthwhile. But to come home to discipline a child to do stuff that he has had enough of in the day is quite another thing.

My mum is not educated, and so I had a carefree childhood as compared to my friends who were forced to complete endless enrichment work at night. I was bent to give my child the same laid back childhood.

In order "to work with the teachers closely", I opt the middle ground; I will do my best to encourage Sheen to do some academic stuff but will stop when he gets bored. If he completes his work, he gets a star which can in turn grant him some "request"! Through the rewards and encouragement, I hope studying becomes less of a chore for him.

Such rewards and encouragements may not turn him into overnight genius but enough to see him through our pressurizing education system.

After all Bill Gate hardly complete his college (^_^)


gina said...

Cookie, I couldn't care less too. Why stress them before they go to Primary school? Let him enjoy his childhood while it lasts. School should be just fun and games now. To be honest, my youngest daughter is 10 years old or Pri 4 this year. I didn't know when its her exam and I was on the plane to China! When I came back, its too late to revise anything with her. Thankfully, she did well..I also dunno how!

Cookie said...

Gina, I am in process to learn how to make education more fun to him... You really like my mum when it comes to the parenting! :-)